You know
the symptoms.

We've all been there - waking up with a scratchy throat, a sneeze or three and the dreaded conviction that another cold is on it's way...

We've got the goods to get you through a potential cold or flu!

Having some Immune Boosting herbs available at home, is increasingly important to you and your family's health so that you can hopefully avoid a trip to the Doctor altogether!

Lung Lovin
Immune Boostin Bundle

We have combined our favorite products

to help you combat Cold & Flu season so you can take
your Immune Health into your own hands!

I'm Mel -

The herbalist behind Mountain Mel's. I'm dedicated to connecting you to the power of plants to enhance your everyday life.

I wanted to create products that you can feel good about putting in and on your body as you go out and explore nature's splendor.

Passionate about nature, sustainability and herbal medicine, my mission is to share the abundant power of plants with you and collectively preserve them for generations to come.

Simply The Best!

This company is simply the best! All of the products that I've gotten over the last few years are exactly as they are advertised. They are highest quality and they work. Right now I am drinking Immunitea every day and I know it's helping me to keep safe from the virus and strengthening my immune system.

Thank you so much Mellisa, Mountain Mel's!

Anne Goldberg
Portland Oregon