Frequently Asked Questions:

Which herbs are safe to take during pregnancy?

There’s a short list of herbs that are safe for pregnancy, and honestly it’s always best to consult with your OBGYN, Midwife, or Doctor before taking any herbs. That being said, nettles, and red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, and rosehips are some of the more safe herbs out there for pregnancy. Again, always consult your physician or midwife before taking any herbs during pregnancy.

Are your teas and essential goods products gluten-free? 

All of our products are gluten free. The oat tops and oat straw may be the only things to raise concern for anyone suffering from celiac or gluten intolerance. We have checked with the our supplier out of southern Oregon, and they have ensured us that there is no possibility of cross contamination with gluten. We plan to be fully certified gluten free in the future.

How do you recommend giving tea to babies?

Babies can get tea several ways. They can get it through their mother’s breast milk. It takes at least 30 minutes from the mother’s consumption of the tea, to get into the baby’s system. You can also add tea to a baby’s bottle. For newborns, if you are hoping to get tea directly into them and you don’t bottle feed, you can use a small syringe that has a very tiny tube connected to it, tape the tube to your finger, and let the baby suck on the finger with the tube attached. Also, consider using an eyedropper to get the tea into your baby’s system

Are your products certified organic?

We use all organically certified, or ethically wild harvested plants and oils. We are aiming to have our products certified Organic in the near future!

Why don’t you use tea bags for your tea?

There’s several reasons we don’t use bags for our tea. These plants & teas are beautiful, & we want you to see that beauty first hand! We hope that you gain a deeper connection to the plants your are drinking into your body, they’re good medicine. The more a plant is broken down into pieces & powders, the less effective the medicinal constituents become, and we want our teas to truly help you live well. When you pick up one of those little tea bags, you never know how long that plant has been broken down and sitting in a box on a shelf, with our loose herbal blends, you can see the plants and their freshness right before your eyes. There has been research that shows harmful chemicals in the tea bags people typically drink from, check out this article for more info on that. Less waste, is that little bag really necessary?

I’ve never used loose leaf teas, how do I drink them?

Have no fear, loose leaf tea is easier and friendlier than you may imagine! My personal favorite way to drink our tea is with a bombilla. It’s like a straw with tiny holes to filter out the plant matter. It’s the common thing to drink mate with. I love to drink our tea this way, because it allows me to see the beauty of the plants inside the blend, and creates a better connection to the tea.

There are many other ways to drink loose teas. You can use a french press, a mesh strainer, cheesecloth, those little tea balls, a pretty little teapot or mug specific for loose teas, or just drink it and understand that you might get plant matter in your mouth. You can also check out or tea drinking paraphernalia (here) to see if any of those appeal to you. Either way, just drink the tea! It’s good for you!

Will your Essential Salve cure my Eczema/Psoriasis?

No, our Essential Salve will not cure your eczema or psoriasis. To heal those conditions you need to begin from within. However, we have had many people tell us that they found great relief for their sores when using our Essential Salve topically.

Does your Quit Buggin’ actually work?

Yes! Yes it does! We have had people give us rave reviews on this product when using it in bug filled places such as Wisconsin, Costa Rica, Alaska, Georgia, & Mexico to name a few. Our essential oil blend is incredibly effective. One of the primary ingredients, Catnip essential oil, has been scientifically proven to be 10 times more effective than DEET. Now doesn’t that sound better than slathering your family with toxic chemicals?