Bamboo Bombilla
Oh the Beauty of a Bombilla! This is one of Mel's favorite ways to drink tea. It's like a straw, only it's closed off at the bottom and has tiny holes to interfile the plant matter. It's a gorgeous way to drink herbal blends as you can look at the gorgeous plant matter floating in the top of your cup, admire, and give thanks for the magic in your cup! Truly a great way to drink your herbal tea!

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Bailey (Chicago, US)
Love it

I love my bombilla! I use it at work where I don’t want to worry about steeping my teas. It’s easy and I get to see all the beautiful herbs

Ceritha N Willeford (Tucson, US)
Fix a cup of Diges-Teas every morning!

I’ve been drinking your tea for about 4 yrs now. It’s wonderful. However this time the blend wasn’t very clean. The first 8oz bag we’re using is absolutely full of sticks. I’ve been picking them out which isn’t difficult, but there are definitely a lot.

Ryann Hinch (Vancouver, US)

I didn't know I needed this, but now I use it everyday.

Sarah Gardner (Indianapolis, US)

This straw is delightful and I enjoy drinking out of it. Even the small bits of herbs and floral in Mel's teas cannot get through the straining holes. It is lightweight and easy to clean.