Wonderful Woman's
Wonderful Woman's Wonderful Woman's Wonderful Woman's Wonderful Woman's Wonderful Woman's

Nourishing Hormonal Balancer

Do you just wish your (or your lady's) hormones would quit driving you bonkers? This blend is here to help! Wonderful Woman Herbal Blend is a beautiful array of flowers to satisfy your soul! It’s beneficial for women from menarche to menopause & beyond. This blend helps to balance your hormones & soothe your nerves. It supports & tones the uterus while nourishing your whole body! Go ahead and treat yourself to this delightful tea! You deserve it! You ARE, (or SHE IS) a Wonderful Woman!"

All Organic Ingredients:

Nettles, Red Raspberry Leaf, Passion Flower, Oatstraw, Linden Flower, Vitex Berries, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Orange, Lavender, Roses, Jasmine Flowers, & Love!


Drink 1-4 cups daily as desired. Place 1-2 teaspoons in 8 oz of hot water. Cover & steep for 5-20 minutes. Strain, Sip, Love, & Be Well!

WARNING: Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medication, or have a medical condition. *This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dee Ann Gruber (Lincoln, US)
Wonderful Woman’s tea is wonderful in NE

I love the tea so far. I’ve been sipping a cup a day since I received it. It’s a lovely color and a nice mild flavor. Thank you Mountain Mel ❤️

Ali H (Portland, US)
So delicious and warming!

I've been having awful cramps lately. Thank goodness for this tea! It has such a lovely, soft floral aroma. The herbs and the roses compliment each other so well, and each cup is full of healing herbs that help my body take it down a notch (or two). A spoonful of local honey goes along wonderfully as well. Can't recommend this beautiful tea enough!

Jessica Uhrig (Lewiston, US)
Even-keeled and loving it!

I started drinking this tea sporadically, but now drink a cup usually every morning, especially at work. It has helped with my early onset hot flashes or whatever is going on with me. It is not only a beautiful cup, but has also been very beneficial and nourishing for my changing hormones.

Oh Jessica! I am so happy this blend is helping you! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

TL (Jacksonville, US)
Wonder woman

Works well. Less cramps! I have to take 250 mg less of advil.

Jessica Olof
My Go To

I love this delicious, comforting, beautiful tea. Thank you so much for this blend, I'll be a returning customer, again and again!

Maria (Portland, US)

Wonderful Woman’s tea is balancing, and quickly so! Perimenopause symptoms have all but disappeared and I just placed my second order! So grateful!!

Linda D. (Waitsfield, US)
Awesome tea

I’ve not been a big fan of tea in the past, but this brand has made me change my tune. I initially purchased it to help me with menopausal symptoms, and I was honestly dreading having to drink it. But wow! I actually look forward to drinking some each day! It tastes great, and has actually helped ease my symptoms. Thanks for your help, Mel!

natasha thornton (Miami, US)
Wowww,What a life SAVER!

Simply put,I LOVE THIS TEA!iTS helped me so much,i feel good when i drink it,its always very Fresh&Fragrant,Very good company as well,They take pride in their products,an also provide helpful information so you feel empowered!Good Stuff.....

Holly Cammisa (Moorestown, US)
Women’s balance tea

This stuff is awesome! The mix has worked really well for me and the blend seems to be exactly what I have been needing. I am so happy to have found this!

Ginny Thompson (Welches, US)
You make me feel like a Wonderful Woman

Been trying to figure out some natural ways to relieve stress, help my headaches, and manage my hormones so I decided to give Mel's teas a try. Wow! What a difference! I have been feeling much more at peace and I dont wanna poke everyone in the eye....most days....haha! After my Wonderful Woman, I have decided to try a few others and not only are they all delicious, they are beautiful to look at too! Thanks Mel!