Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea
Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea

Pregnancy is such an important time in life and it can be hard to know what's safe for you and your baby. Mama's Lil' Bundle O' Tea provides everything a new mommy needs and can feel good about putting in her body. 

Mommy~To~Be is formulated to provide support during pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and throughout breastfeeding. The herbs in this blend provide nourishment to both mommy and baby. They help tone the uterine muscles and prepare mommy and baby for childbirth. Since pregnancy can be a bit overwhelming, we've added some gentle herbs to help soothe mommy's nerves.

While proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and frequent nursing are some of the best ways to ensure sufficient milk production, sometimes it’s just not enough. That’s why we formulated The Milk Lady’s Herbal Blend. It’s loaded with herbs to help increase milk flow, and to trigger the letdown reflex. We’ve also added gentle herbs to provide support for the milk lady’s nerves, and extra nutrition for all involved. The Milk Lady’s Herbal Blend is here because sometimes it’s hard being the “Milk Lady”, and we could all use some extra support! This product is intended for use when nursing. Please discuss use of this product with your lactation consultant, midwife, or other healthcare practitioner.

Peaceful Baby is a gently calming blend for the whole family from newborn to 110. This blend can provide relief for gassy or colicky babies, the tough times of teething, “terrible twos”, or as a great evening wind down tea for the whole family. It’s a helpful blend for people of all ages with digestive discomfort, or just the need to mellow out a bit. It’s delicious, nutritious, and even beautiful to look at. Go ahead; sit down for a cup of evening tea with your lovely family!

Bundle them for your favorite growing family & Save!

  • Mommy-To-Be ~ Nourishing pregnancy support blend
  • The Milk Lady's ~ For greater milk flow and calm nerves
  • Peaceful Baby ~ For colic and teething discomfort. Good for mom, dad, nana and papa too! 

Customer Reviews

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Megan Bilby (West Linn, US)
So helpful! Perfect shower gift!

I buy this bundle and the lovely lavendula hand sanitizer as a shower present for all the expectant mothers in my life. Mel's teas were such a little lifesaver when I had my babies and I wanted to share the gift with those I love!