Make Your Valentine Ecstatic With This Lover's Herbal Cordial

It’s that cozy time of year where we all burst full of love and scramble to find the perfect gift for our most special people. I’ve always been one to get very bored with the standard roses, chocolate, and a cute little teddy bear in a mug. In fact, if any of my past lovers got me any of those, that meant that I was immediately planning my escape route from that relationship. I know that’s a bit harsh, but I knew I deserved something a bit more creative, special, and unique. I bet your lover does too, I know mine does! So, I whipped up this simple and delectable Lover’s Cordial.

Herbal cordials are basically a fancy herbal cocktail. It can be good medicine, good flavor, and good fun. There are so many wonderful ways to make a cordial, the creative ideas are endless! You can drink them as a dinner aperitif, add them to teas, or sip them straight whenever you feel like it. Think of a good immune boosting herbal cordial as a hot toddy! Hello medicine magic and alcohol combo! Gotta love that! Of course, you’ve also got to use the alcohol part in moderation, that’s why this is a fine sipping beverage for a special occasion. Like celebrating Love!  

Not only is this cordial delicious, it’s also a very romantic blend, and it works to strengthen and improve your heart. Herbs never cease to amaze me with all of the wonderful things they do! Flavor, romance, health, good looks, need I say more? I just love, love, love it all! Before we get to the recipe, let's talk a bit about the amazing ingredients, and what make them so perfect to share with your love!

hawthorn, heart health, lovers cordial,Hawthorn:  Hawthorn is one of the best known herbal heart tonics in western herbalism. It is known to strengthen and nourish the heart. It can increase blood flow to the heart muscle, lowers blood lipids, has been known to prevent heart attacks, and alleviate cardiovascular disease. It can even help steady the heart beat. Not only does hawthorn help on so many physical aspects of the heart, it also helps open the heart to giving and receiving love. It's specific for people suffering from heartache as well. It's the perfect herb to share with someone you love!

Damiana, aphrodisiac, herbs herbalism, love, sexDamiana: Damiana's claim to fame is all about it's aphrodisiac properties, though honestly, it has so much more to offer. It has been traditionally applied by native people of Mexico to boost sexual stamina and increase energy levels. Damiana increases oxygen flow to the genitals resulting in greater sexual stimulation. It has been known to increase libido and ease anxiety, especially when related to sexuality. There's much more to this herb than these sexually enhancing properties, but for the sake of this romantic topic, we'll stop here.

Blueberries, heart health, herbal cordialBlueberries: 
Blueberries are rich in flavonoids, particularly anthocyanins. These anthocyanins are known to promote healthy blood pressure and make blood vessels more elastic. They are finding that blueberries may prevent build up of plaque on the artery walls. Blueberries protect against heart disease by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. They strengthen capillary walls. Blueberries are amazing and so delicious!  Plus, eating 3 servings or more of blueberries per week, is a magnificent way to reduce risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease!  

Cinnamon, love, heart health, herbs, herbal cordialCinnamon: 
Cinnamon is a magnificent heart tonic. It's full of antioxidants. It lowers the bad LDL cholesterol levels, while increasing the good HDL cholesterol. It has the ability to lower blood sugar, having dynamic effects on diabetes. It's warming, delicious, anti-inflammatory, and promotes circulation to the periphery! 

Rose, heart, love, herbal cordial, valentinesRose: Roses are strengthening and healing to the heart, improving circulation, and lowering blood pressure. Known as a blood mover with a special affinity for the reproductive system, roses also help to decongest the pelvic regions. It's romantic aphrodisiac properties are known to increase libido while opening up the heart.  

The Lover's Cordial

Herbal Cordial, Love, Hawthorn, Valentines, Heart Health



  1. Get a clean glass jar
  2. Fill it about ½ to ¾ full with the herbs & the honey
  3. Pour your brandy over the top, until the jar is almost full
  4. Cap it & label it (always put your ingredients, and the proportions if you’d like to make it again)
  5. Shake it with lots of love every day!
  6. Let the cordial sit for 2-6 weeks.  
  7. Strain it when you’re done
  8. Place it in another clean jar or bottle, decorate it if you wish
  9. Share it with someone you love!

Lover's Cordial, Herbal Cordial, Valentines, Heart Health

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About the Author:

Melissa Mutterspaugh

Melissa Mutterspaugh, Mountain Mel, owner, entrepreneur, Melissa lives in Oregon, in the foothills of Mount Hood.  She's a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, mother, wilderness therapist, lover, nemophilist, music loving maniac, and the founder, of Mountain Mel's Essential Goods.  She is passionate about inspiring others to take better care of our planet, through taking better care of themselves, naturally!



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